Macadamia nuts are some of the most sought-after nuts in the world with a high commercial value.

Besides being a food source, the husks are composted for mulch or for fertilizer, and in Japan, the oil is used in the cosmetic industry to make soaps, shampoos, and sunscreens. The remainder can be used in animal feed.

At Tugela Farming Industry (Pty) Ltd we focus on the successful establishment and management of a Macadamia orchard consisting of various cultivars.

The Mookgophong area is known for its cooler climate compared to the traditional areas where the Macadamia fruit is normally found.

We have learned valuable lessons over the years and have been able, through the proper management of the orchards, to deliver yields in line with some of the best producers in the more traditional Macadamia farming areas of South Africa.

Our Macadamia orchards, which span over 93ha, are almost in full production.

Our aim is to develop a sustainable Macadamia business model in a colder climate environment through better management, close relationship with our stakeholders, local community involvement and producers.

The farm has its own nursery with a capacity to grow up to 20 000 trees per annum.

The Farm consists of an 80ha Macadamia orchard, all under micro irrigation. The system is semi-automated and there is strong water supply through boreholes and dams.

We have our own de-husking plant, drying bins and storage facilities with a capacity of 250 tons of nut in shell.

We focus on responsible pesticide control and we invite a large family of bees to assist us every year during spring to ensure maximum fruit set!

We have selected the following cultivars for our Macadamia orchard: Beaumont, 814, 816, 741 and 788.

We are a proud member of SAMAC (South African Macadamia Growers Association).